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Bison TTMC-W17 Day/Night Polyester VestBison TTMC-W17 Day/Night Polyester Vest
Bison TTMC-W17 Day/Night Polyester L/S Collared VestBison TTMC-W17 Day/Night Polyester L/S Collared Vest
Bison Stamina Day Night VestBison Stamina Day Night Vest
Bison TTMC-W17 STMS Safety VestBison TTMC-W17 STMS Safety Vest
Bison TTMC-W17 X Tape Polyester L/S Vest TTMC-W17Bison TTMC-W17 X Tape Polyester L/S Vest TTMC-W17
Bison Hivis Vest TTMC-W17 X-Tape PolyesterBison Hivis Vest TTMC-W17 X-Tape Polyester
Loop Compostable Hi Vis TTMC VestLoop Compostable Hi Vis TTMC Vest

Safety First

PPE Inspection & Recertification

Goleman Gear offers regular and professional inspection for re certification of height safety and fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE). We have offices based around New Zealand and can easily come to you, otherwise we can arrange for a courier to pick up the PPE for a next day inspection and return to you.

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