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Skylotec Inceptor GRX - Vented HelmetSkylotec Inceptor GRX - Vented Helmet
SkylotecSkylotec Inceptor GRX - Vented Helmet
Sale price$179.05 Regular price$208.90

5 colors available

Skylotec Duffle BagSkylotec Duffle Bag
SkylotecSkylotec Duffle Bag
Sale priceFrom $235.75

2 colors available

Skylotec Loop 26kN Top Stitched Sling
SkylotecSkylotec Loop 26kN Top Stitched Sling
Sale priceFrom $14.40

4 colors available

Skylotec IGNITE NEON Rope Access Harness
Skylotec Roofer Kit
SkylotecSkylotec Roofer Kit
Sale price$360.70
Skylotec Sirius - Descender
Teufelberger 11mm Ultrastatic RopeTeufelberger 11mm Ultrastatic Rope
TeufelbergerTeufelberger 11mm Ultrastatic Rope
Sale price$8.30

4 colors available

STAND UP Flexible Loop Ascender
Skylotec Lift Fix R - Right handed rope ascender.
Skylotec PassO Twistlock Carabiner
Sold out
Skylotec Skysafe Pro Adjustable Tieback
Sold out
SKYLOTEC BFD FLEX Single leg Lanyard Snap Hook - 2m
Save $28.17
Skylotec Inceptor GRX High Voltage - Electrically Insulated HelmetSkylotec Inceptor GRX High Voltage - Electrically Insulated Helmet
SkylotecSkylotec Inceptor GRX High Voltage - Electrically Insulated Helmet
Sale price$168.93 Regular price$197.10

5 colors available

Skylotec CS2 General Purpose Fall HarnessSkylotec CS2 General Purpose Fall Harness
Sold out
Skylotec Lift Fix L - left handed rope ascender
Skylotec Inceptor Forehead Pad - Thin
Sold out
Skylotec Skysafe Pro Single Leg Flex lanyard.
Teufelberger 11mm Patron Static RopeTeufelberger 11mm Patron Static Rope
TeufelbergerTeufelberger 11mm Patron Static Rope
Sale price$7.40

3 colors available

Skylotec 2M BFD Flex Y Lanyard
Skylotec Standard Roll 2L - 32kN Single roll Alloy pulley
skylotec BFD Shock Absorber Pack
Sold out
Skylotec IGNITE ARB Arborist HarnessSkylotec IGNITE ARB Arborist Harness
Skylotec Inceptor Padding - Head Pad Cat A

Safety First

PPE Inspection & Recertification

Goleman Gear offers regular and professional inspection for re certification of height safety and fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE). We have offices based around New Zealand and can easily come to you, otherwise we can arrange for a courier to pick up the PPE for a next day inspection and return to you.

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