Endless Roundsling - Lifting Sling
Endless Roundsling - Lifting Sling
Endless Roundsling - Lifting Sling

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Endless Roundsling - Lifting Sling

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Discover superior lifting capabilities with Endless Roundsling - the ultimate lifting sling designed for reliability and durability. Our roundslings offer unmatched strength and flexibility for heavy lifting tasks, ensuring safety and efficiency in every operation. Explore our range today for the perfect lifting solution tailored to your needs.

-Unique Identification Number.
-100% Polyester Inner & Cover
-WLL is clearly marked on each sling.
-International Colour Coded with 1 Strip.
-Safety Factor 7:1
-Flat Thickness 4mm (1T)
-Flat Thickness 6mm (2T)
-Minimum Bend Radius 12mm (24mm Dia)
-With UV Tag Protection and Cover Sleeving

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