MAC Arandell BZK Hand Sanitiser Foam Jerry Can 5L

Arandee Limited

MAC Arandell BZK Hand Sanitiser Foam Jerry Can 5L

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MAC Arandell Residual BZK is a long-acting water based hand sanitiser effective against kills 99.9% of common germs.
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Alcohol free antibacterial sanitiser, effective against enveloped viruses
Produces a rich foam in foaming dispenser units
Can be used as a liquid
No water needed
Gentle on hands, formulated for frequent/repetitive application, will not dry skin out
Antimicrobial activity for up to 4 hours
Fast drying with no sticky residue
Colour and fragrance free
Reduces transient transmission
Ideal for refilling wall mounted/foaming dispenser units
Manufactured in New Zealand

$10 flat rate nationwide

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