MAC Arandell Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel Jerry Can 5L

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MAC Arandell Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel Jerry Can 5L

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Hospital grade hand sanitiser. MPI approved.
MAC Arandell Air Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of common germs, contains skin conditioners leaving hands hygienically clean and conditioned.
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Hospital grade hand sanitiser gel
99.999%* efficacy clinically tested to medical standard (BS EN 1327:2012+A22015) 5-log reduction within 1 minute
Instant sanitising effect
No water needed
Large format 5L jerry can for refiling wall dispensers and pump packs
Utilities a hospital grade formulation of 70% ethanol to optimise efficacy
Developed for use in manufacturing, commercial, healthcare and government settings
Approved for use in all areas
Fragrance-free, colour-free & triclosan-free
Evaporates fast with no residue
Formulated for frequent/repetitive application, will not dry skin out.
Manufactured in New Zealand

$10 flat rate nationwide

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