MAC Arandell Space Sanitiser – Fogger 155g

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MAC Arandell Space Sanitiser – Fogger 155g

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Elevate your space hygiene with MAC Arandell Space Sanitizer Fogger 155g. Our powerful fogging solution is designed to effectively sanitize and disinfect large areas, ensuring a germ-free environment. The compact and easy-to-use fogger delivers a fine mist that reaches every nook and cranny, eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses. Ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, the MAC Arandell Space Sanitizer Fogger provides peace of mind and a healthy atmosphere. Take control of cleanliness with this efficient and convenient solution. Shop now for advanced space sanitization
Pickup available at 9 Walker Street Usually ready in 2-4 days

MAC Arandell Space Sanitiser – Fogger 155g

9 Walker Street

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

9 Walker Street
Christchurch 8011
New Zealand

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Powerful antimicrobial sanitiser
99.9%* efficacy against common germs including lipid enveloped viruses (SARS CoV-2), fungi/mold and bacteria
Treats up to 100m³
Disinfects hard surfaces, floor coverings, soft surfaces & upholstery, equipment and fittings
Leaves surfaces hygienically clean and sanitised including hard to reach areas
Eliminates malodour at a molecular level
Non staining, dry-spray, technology
Light fresh gender-neutral fragrance
Protects your team between patrons, shifts, customers
Wide format can for improved stability
Fast results, easy to use lock-down aerosol minimising down time

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